Imagine having the answer to these important questions just by logging in and having it at the tip of your fingers, all on one screen. Don’t think it’s possible? It is with the My Dealer KPI Dashboard!

  • How many new, used, certified, etc. cars were sold?
  • What are we tracking in units, gross and sales?
  • What was the average gross for the day?
  • How many trades did we take in?
  • How many trades have been cleared?
  • How many dealer trades did we do?
  • How many lease returns did we ground?
  • Do you want to know what was sold last year on the same day, month and YTD?
  • Who are the top salespeople, F&I and sales managers based on units, gross and averages?
  • Do you know your CSI, the manufacturers average CSI and your zone’s CSI?
  • And so much more...
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Sales Log

With a quick click of your mouse, you have detailed access to all the pertinent information regarding your vehicle sales. My Dealer KPI lets managers see details of all sales on one screen:

  • All logged sales
  • What has been delivered, not delivered, closed, finalized, RDR, funded, etc.
  • Who was the salesperson, F&I manager and Sales Manager What lender is being used
  • What lender is being used
  • And the list goes on...
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Dealer Trades

Does your dealership use a piece of paper to fill out for a dealer trade? What happens to it after the trade? Do you have access to easily track how many dealer trades were done? What trades were done for the month regarding model, color and trim? Who authorized it? Who initiated the trade? Now you do with My Dealer KPI.

With just one click on your KPI Dashboard, you have access to detailed information regarding your Dealer Trades. You can find out what was traded in a month by model, color, trim, etc. This information can assist in your dealer order allocation. It will also generate an electronic invoice if money is owed by either dealership for the trade.

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Lease Returns

Do you know how many lease returns were grounded at your dealership this month or YTD? Forgotten lease returns can become a liability for any dealership.

Now you can minimize your liability and track your grounded lease returns with the MY Dealer KPIs Lease Return feature. It logs the date and time a lease was grounded, if it was inspected, and shows the pay-off information and when the lender was contacted. In addition, you can upload any supporting documents related to the lease return.

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