Elevate your dealership performance with My Dealer KPI

Elevate your dealership performance with My Dealer KPI

MyDealerKPI was developed by a dealer, for dealers, as an essential tool to have Key Performance Indicator figures readily available to keep dealerships running at their peak performance.

At the click of a button, you will have access to a plethora of modules to view, track, and project the performance of your dealership, as well as individual associates, across all departments.

"As someone who has worked in every facet of an auto dealership, I saw the need to create a way for dealers to instantly view all components of their KPI data in an easy to view and user- friendly format. My Dealer KPI was created by a dealer for dealers just like you!" HF


With one click, My Dealer KPI Dashboard displays real-time and accurate Sales, F&I, Service and Parts analytics on one page...

  • Dashboard

    Imagine having the answer to these important questions just by logging in and having it at the tip of your fingers, all on one screen. Don’t think it’s possible? It is with the My Dealer KPI Dashboard!

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  • Sales Log

    With a quick click of your mouse, you have detailed access to all the pertinent information regarding your vehicle sales. My Dealer KPI lets managers see details of all sales on one screen:

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  • Dealer Trades

    Does your dealership use a piece of paper to fill out for a dealer trade? What happens to it after the trade? Do you have access to easily track how many dealer trades were done? What trades were done for the month regarding model, color and trim? Who authorized it? Who initiated the trade? Now you do with My Dealer KPI.

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  • Lease Returns

    Do you know how many lease returns were grounded at your dealership this month or YTD? Forgotten lease returns can become a liability for any dealership.

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  • F&I Statistics

    The performance of the F& I Department is essential to the bottom line of any auto dealership. Until now, tracking and comparing the performance of individuals, and the Finance Department as a whole, has been very cumbersome and challenging.

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  • F&I Variance Statistics

    We’ve all heard the saying, “It Takes a Village” and selling and funding a vehicle is no exception. There are many hands that touch a deal from the beginning of a sale to the time it is funded. Would you like to know who is consistently performing and enhancing deals and who is not?

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  • Contracts in Transit / Deals in F&I

    Most dealerships meet daily to go over their contracts in transit (CIT), including deals in F&I. My Dealer KPI provides dealers with the ability to seamlessly track the status of each deal throughout the funding process. Every department involved in the process has access to view and update the information in real time.

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  • Role Comparison Report

    My Dealer KPI has the ability to run a report that merges data to compare two employees side by side. This allows you to analyze and compare individuals and their performance. These reports can be generated for any period of time, with no restrictions. It will display:

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  • CSI

    My Dealer KPI provides forward thinking auto dealers the necessary tools to achieve and maintain their goal of a high CSI. CSI is an excellent measure of customer satisfaction and is a cornerstone for customer retention and strong dealer/ manufacturer relations.

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  • Customer Concerns

    Customer concerns are inevitable at any dealership. Addressing and resolving those concerns in a timely and professional manner helps dealerships achieve superior customer satisfaction, retention , and high CSI.

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  • We Owe

    When a customer purchases a vehicle, they often times buy additional products at the time of sale that need to be ordered and/or installed. These purchased products become a "we owe" or "due bill" for the dealership. It is crucial to complete the installation and close out these "we owe" and "due bills" ASAP by getting the parts ordered and keeping the customer in the loop to set-up installation appointments, etc. A sale is never complete until a customer has everything they purchased at the time of sale!

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services chart

A profitable Service and Parts department is a key component to the long-term financial success of any dealership. In times where there can be fluctuations in vehicles sales, the Parts and Service department can be critical component to keep your dealership afloat.

To achieve a Parts and Service department that is running at peak efficiency, you need to measure performance by using key performance indicators using the MyDealerKPI service dashboard. This dashboard is an information management tool used to track service KPIs, metrics, and key data points that provide the information needed to monitor your service performance. The dashboard will display historical trends, actionable data and real-time figures. It will pin-point service opportunities and concerns, as well as actions you can take to fix them.

MyDealerKPI provides dealers with the necessary data, in an easy-to-understand format, to streamline their process, save time, and help them make effective department decisions.

  • All-in-one - In the past, dealers would spend hours reviewing and analyzing different service reports to get the necessary information they needed. With MyDealerKPI, dealers can see, with a simple click of a mouse, an overall view of (Actual, Tracking, Budget, Variance) of RO Count, Op-Code Count, ELR, Labor Sale, Labor Gross, Flagged Labor Hours, Labor Discounts, etc.
  • Drill into detail - Having an overall view does not mean the absence of details. MyDealerKPI Dashboard was developed with the ability to get as detailed information as required by simply selecting the desired variable or object.
  • Intuitive data presentation There is no need for complicated and exhaustive training. MyDealerKPI Dashboard is designed to be intuitive to any user. The graphic design allows an easy and smooth navigation throughout the information.
  • Customizable Dashboards can be customized in terms of users and expectations. Each decision level dashboard can be customized to present the most valuable and useful set of information. This allows each person to see the level of detail that they need in order to meet their goals and get their job done.
  • Better forecasting Key performance indicators MyDealerKPI dashboard is easy to understand and read. It provides a one page summary of the analysis of the information you personally need.
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Closed RO’s

With one click, you can instantly review any Closed RO on a one-page summary of ALL the data that pertains to that RO (Name, Vehicle Information, Customer Complaint, Cause, Corrections, Line #’s, Labor, Parts, Tech Info, etc.)

Closed RO’s
Closed RO’s

Utilized Op-Codes

Labor-Operation Codes or Op-Codes serve several functions to help the Service Department run more efficiently. MyDealerKPI can help you look at ways to use those codes as a marketing tool to become more profitable.

  • The most utilized and un-utilized Op-Codes
  • The most profitable Op-Codes
  • Op-Code utilization by department and individuals
  • Declined Op-Codes
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Utilized Op-Codes

Service Advisor and Technician Performance Summary Report

MyDealerKPI software offers an abundance of reports. These reports are all based on a service advisor’s and technician’s performance evaluations and are more than just a way of measuring job performance. Self-evaluations and performance reviews enable you and your employees to provide a 360-degree feedback, while opening up communication channels.

  • PERFORMANCE GOALS: Encourage team members to identify their personal efficiency and productivity goals.
  • STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES: Uncovering possible obstacles preventing them from achieving success.
  • TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT: Initiate personal and business developmental skills.
  • TEAM BUILDING: Working together boosts confidence, productivity and improves performance.
  • MOST OF ALL: Lets your employees truly shine!
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Service Advisor
Technician Performance

Service Operations Summary

MyDealerKPI Analyze & Tracks the service performance on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. The Service Performance evaluations can serve as effective tools for improving department and employee performance and productivity, as well as determining developmental needs.

Service Operations Summary

Appointment Scheduler

MyDealerKPI Allow vehicle owners to schedule anywhere, anytime with multi-channel scheduling. Capture and drive service business through value, convenience and trust with MyDealerKPI Schedule.

Deliver a premium vehicle ownership experience.

  • Customer convenience through multi-channel scheduling options
  • Professional and consistent menu recommendations and pricing
  • Customized with recalls, deferred services, promotions and more

More appointments, increased revenue & higher retention

  • 6%+ increased service retention
  • 8%+ better show rate
  • New customers per month online
  • Additional repair orders per month
  • Additional Sales, Gross and Hours per month
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Appointment Scheduler
Appointment Scheduler
Appointment Scheduler

Parts Inventory

Parts Inventory can be daunting - MyDealerKPI Parts Inventory Management System transforms this into a simple task. With a click of a mouse, you will effectively track your parts in any format:

With one click Parts Inventory control will provide you.

  • Total part number in your inventory at any given time.
  • Every part number with quantity in your inventory at any given time.
  • Instantly see how much inventory you purchased each day, week and or monthly.
  • Instantly see your Obsolescence Parts
  • Instantly see your Parts no receipts.
  • Instantly see your Parts 12+ Months by last sale date.
  • Parts cost
  • Parts sales price
  • So much more…
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Parts Inventory

(SOP) Special Order Parts

Special order parts (SOP) can be one of the biggest factors in bogging down a parts inventory. Often considered a problem created by service advisors placating customer requests, SOP can become everyone’s profitability problem the moment a service call or parts request is terminated.

MyDealerKPI provides you with a list of all you SOP so you will be able to effectively manage it. Here are five proven methods for managing SOP before they start to drain your profits.

  1. For warranty SOP, require both a service manager’s authorization and a scheduled appointment for installation prior to ordering the part. The likelihood of customer pick-up increases exponentially with this procedure
  2. For non-warranty SOP, follow the same above procedures, where applicable, plus require a customer deposit or a full payment. The deposit helps offset carrying costs should the customer fail to pick up the part.
  3. Should the SOP become a part of your inventory, evaluate its active parts life cycle for marketability. If still within the current model year, retain it in inventory for up to 10 months. If not, treat it immediately as aged inventory by discounting it 40% – 50% as part of an integrated parts locator system. Or, turn it over to a broker.
  4. Bundle SOP with larger parts orders, requiring the buyer to purchase everything. This method works well when bundled with a large variety of parts.
  5. Eliminate special order crash parts returns with parts ordering technology. Many e-Commerce tools offer VIN-scrubbing features that validate part numbers, to help ensure a higher level of accuracy and reduced returns.

Special order parts can muddle your clean inventory faster than a leaky oil filter. So, make sure you have the right policies and tools in place to keep these parts moving at a profitable pace.

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(SOP) Special Order Parts

Financial Statement / GL Accounts

With MyDealerKPI Financial Statement Dashboard, no longer will you have to fetch, ask for schedules/reports, or even wait until you close out your month to view important financial data. With one-click of a mouse, you can view your current & historical financials by: department, account, account type, or sub-account. In less than a second, you can access pertinent financial information such as:

  • Cash on Hand / Cash in the Bank
  • Expenses – Variable, Personnel and Semi-Fixed Expenses by Department
  • Assets
  • Liabilities
  • Receivables
  • Variable and Operating Income
  • Other Income
  • Net Profit (Loss)
  • Inventory
  • Compensation – by department and individuals
  • Advertising – New & Used, Service & Parts
  • Contracts In Transit
  • So much more…

MyDealerKPI allows you to view your actual financials, projected, and trends. All you need to do is decide is how you want to view it; daily, weekly, quarterly, or yearly.

Never again will you be surprised by a line item on your financial statement when you have the full details available on your MyDealerKPI Financial Statement Dashboard.