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ANALYTICS with My Dealer KPI

In the world of automotive dealership management, access to real-time and accurate analytics is the key to informed decision-making. MyDealerKPI Dashboard simplifies this process with just one click, offering a comprehensive overview of Sales, F&I, Service, Parts, Schedules, and Financial Statement analytics With one Click







Gain deeper insights into your dealership's performance, identify opportunities for growth, and make data-driven decisions effortlessly. With MyDealerKPI, analytics becomes your strategic ally, providing you with the information you need to drive.


Discover the Remarkable Capabilities of

My Dealer KPI Dashboard Analytics

Imagine a world where you have immediate access to critical answers, all conveniently consolidated on a single screen. Does this sound too good to be true? It's not! With the MyDealerKPI Dashboard, this becomes your everyday reality.

Our cutting-edge dashboard grants you effortless access to a treasure trove of crucial information, including:

  • Sales Breakdown: Get a detailed breakdown of your car sales, categorized by new, used, certified, and more.
  • Performance Metrics: Track key performance metrics like units sold, gross revenue, and total sales, all at your fingertips.
  • Daily Gross Averages: Stay informed about your dealership's average daily gross earnings.
  • Trade-In Insights: Dive into comprehensive trade-in statistics to make informed decisions.
  • Fund and Clear Transactions: Keep tabs on transactions that have been funded and cleared seamlessly.
  • Dealer-to-Dealer Transactions: Monitor all dealer-to-dealer trade activities with ease.
  • Lease Returns: Stay on top of grounded lease returns and their impact on your dealership.
  • Year-Over-Year Analysis: Compare your sales data year-over-year to gauge growth and performance.
  • Identify Top Performers: Easily identify your dealership's top-performing individuals in sales, F&I, and management, based on units sold, gross revenue, and averages.

The MyDealerKPI Dashboard is your gateway to transforming complex data into actionable insights. It empowers you to make informed decisions with confidence, ensuring your dealership remains ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving automotive industry. Welcome to the future of informed decision-making, all at your fingertips.

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Unlock a Wealth of Vehicle Sales Insights with MyDealerKPI Sales Log

With the My Dealer KPI Sales Log, you'll discover a treasure trove of insights at your fingertips. It's as simple as clicking your mouse to access a wealth of essential information regarding your vehicle sales.

What the My Dealer KPI Sales Log Offers:
  • Comprehensive Sales Data: With just a click, you gain detailed insights into all logged sales, providing a holistic view of your dealership's sales activity.
  • Status Tracking: Easily track the status of sales, including those that have been delivered, not delivered, closed, finalized, RDR (Retail Delivery Report), funded, and more.
  • Identifying Key Players: Find out who the key players were in each sale, including the salesperson, F&I manager, and Sales Manager.
  • Lender Information: Know which lender was used for each transaction.
  • And Much More: The list of accessible information goes on, providing you with a comprehensive overview of your dealership's sales performance.

The My Dealer KPI Sales Log simplifies the process of accessing critical sales data, making it a breeze to monitor and manage your dealership's sales activities.

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Revolutionize Your Dealer Trades with MyDealerKPI

Traditionally, many dealerships rely on cumbersome paper forms for dealer trades, leading to questions like, "What happens to these forms after the trade?" or "Can we easily track our dealer trade activities?" Now, with MyDealerKPI, you can confidently answer these questions.

With a mere click on your MyDealerKPI Dashboard, you unlock a world of detailed insights into your Dealer Trades. Here's what you can expect:

  • Effortless Tracking: Bid farewell to paper-based chaos. MyDealerKPI provides streamlined, electronic tracking for all your dealer trade activities.
  • Comprehensive Data: Discover precisely how many dealer trades were conducted in a given month, and gain insights into their specific details, including model, color, trim, and more. This level of detail is invaluable for optimizing your dealer order
  • Financial Clarity: MyDealerKPI goes beyond tracking by offering financial transparency. It generates electronic invoices when monetary transactions are involved in the trade, ensuring that every aspect of your dealer trades is accounted
  • Authorization and Initiation: Easily identify who authorized and initiated each trade, providing clarity and accountability throughout

Incorporating MyDealerKPI into your dealership's workflow transforms dealer trades from a manual, paper-based headache into a seamless, electronically managed process. Gain control, enhance efficiency, and make informed decisions with the power of MyDealerKPI at your fingertips. Welcome to a new era of dealer trade management.

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Master Lease Returns with MyDealerKPI

Are you aware of the number of lease returns that have been grounded at your dealership this month or year-to-date (YTD)? Overlooked lease returns can quickly turn into a liability for any dealership.

Are you aware of the number of lease returns that have been grounded at your dealership this month or year-to-date (YTD)? Overlooked lease returns can quickly turn into a liability for any dealership.

  • Comprehensive Lease Logs: MyDealerKPI's Lease Return feature meticulously logs crucial information, including the date and time when a lease was grounded. This information is vital for keeping track of your lease returns accurately.
  • Inspection Status: You can effortlessly determine whether a grounded lease has been inspected or not, ensuring that all necessary steps are taken to assess its condition.
  • Pay-off Insights: Gain access to pay-off information related to the lease return, providing you with financial clarity on these transactions.
  • Lender Communication: MyDealerKPI keeps you informed about when the lender was contacted regarding the lease return, ensuring that all communication is documented and transparent.
  • Supporting Documents: For added convenience and record-keeping, you have the option to upload any supporting documents related to the lease return directly within the system.

Incorporating MyDealerKPI's Lease Return feature into your dealership's operations ensures that no lease return goes unnoticed, and you can effectively manage and track each one. Say goodbye to potential liabilities and welcome streamlined lease return management with MyDealerKPI.

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F&I Statistics – KPI

Unlock F&I Performance Insights
with My Dealer KPI

The F&I (Finance and Insurance) Department plays a pivotal role in the overall financial success of an auto dealership. However, tracking and assessing the performance of individuals within this department, as well as evaluating the Finance Department as a whole, has historically posed significant challenges.

Now, with MyDealerKPI, you have the power to effortlessly access vital data that provides comprehensive insights into the performance of your F&I Department Managers. Here's how this feature transforms the way you monitor and evaluate their performance: Read More

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Comprehensive Overview:

MyDealerKPI consolidates crucial performance metrics onto a single, user-friendly page. This intuitive display allows you to effortlessly assess various aspects of your F&I Department's performance.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

You can quickly gauge the effectiveness of your F&I team by analyzing essential KPIs, including but not limited to:

  • Total deals processed by individual F&I Manager.
  • Total gross revenue generated.
  • Average PVR (Per Vehicle Retail).
  • Product penetration rates (measured in units, gross, sales, and percentages).
  • F&I reserve count, penetration, and gross with PVR calculations.
  • Identifying top-performing managers based on units, gross revenue, and average performance for both new and used vehicles.
Lender Insights:

MyDealerKPI offers transparency regarding lender usage and the terms offered by each lender, allowing you to make informed decisions when selecting financial partners for your dealership.

Advanced Reporting:

The system provides advanced reporting capabilities that break down individual product sales based on the payment method (cash, retail, or lease) for each salesperson. This detailed breakdown offers valuable insights into the performance of your F&I team.

With MyDealerKPI, you gain the ability to monitor and analyze your F&I Department's performance comprehensively. Say goodbye to the challenges of tracking F&I performance and welcome a streamlined, data-driven approach with MyDealerKPI.

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Service and Parts - KPI

Elevating Service & Parts Department Performance with MyDealerKPI

In the ever-evolving landscape of automotive sales, a profitable Service and Parts department serves as a cornerstone for the long-term financial success of any dealership. Particularly during periods of fluctuating vehicle sales, the Parts and Service department can be a critical component that helps sustain your dealership's financial stability.

To achieve optimal performance in your Service and Parts department, it is essential to assess and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs). MyDealerKPI's service dashboard offers a powerful solution for this purpose. This dashboard functions as an information management tool, meticulously tracking service KPIs, metrics, and essential data points that provide valuable insights into your service department's performance.

Here's how MyDealerKPI's service dashboard can revolutionize your approach to Service and Parts department management:
Comprehensive Insights:

The dashboard presents a wealth of historical trends, actionable data, and real-time figures. This comprehensive overview enables you to identify both service opportunities and concerns swiftly.

Time Savings:

MyDealerKPI streamlines the data-gathering process. In the past, dealers would spend hours sifting through various service reports to access critical information. With MyDealerKPI, you can effortlessly obtain an all-encompassing view of key metrics, such as RO (Repair Order) Count, Op-Code Count, ELR (Effective Labor Rate), Labor Sale, Labor Gross, Flagged Labor Hours, Labor Discounts, and so more, within one click.

Drill-Down Capability:

Despite its bird's-eye view, the MyDealerKPI Dashboard offers a granular level of detail. You can easily access specific information by selecting the desired variables or objects, ensuring that you have access to the data you need for informed decision-making.

User-Friendly Interface:

No extensive training is required to navigate the MyDealerKPI Dashboard. Its intuitive data presentation, coupled with user-friendly graphic design, ensures a seamless experience for all users.


Tailor your dashboard to meet your dealership's unique needs. MyDealerKPI allows for customization in terms of users and expectations. This flexibility ensures that each team member can access the level of detail required to fulfill their responsibilities and achieve their goals effectively.

Enhanced Forecasting:

MyDealerKPI simplifies the interpretation of key performance indicators. The dashboard provides a concise, one-page summary of the information you need, facilitating quick and informed decision-making.

Closed RO’s

With one click, you can instantly review any Closed RO on a one-page summary of ALL the data that pertains to that RO (Name, Vehicle Information, Customer Complaint, Cause, Corrections, Line #’s, Labor, Parts, Tech Info, etc.)... Read More

Utilized Op-Codes

Labor-Operation Codes or Op-Codes serve several functions to help the Service Department run more efficiently. MyDealerKPI can help you look at ways to use those codes as a marketing tool to become more profitable... Read More

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Service Advisor and Technician Performance Summary Report

MyDealerKPI software offers an abundance of reports. These reports are all based on a service advisor’s and technician’s performance evaluations and are more than just a way of measuring job performance. Self-evaluations... Read More

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Service Operations Summary

MyDealerKPI – Analyze & Tracks the service performance on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. The Service Performance evaluations can serve as effective tools for improving department and employee performance... Read More

Appointment Scheduler

MyDealerKPI introduces a cutting-edge Appointment Scheduler designed to transform the vehicle ownership experience... Read More

Parts Inventory

Parts Inventory can be daunting - MyDealerKPI Parts Inventory Management System transforms this into a simple task... Read More

(SOP) Special Order Parts

Special order parts (SOP) can be one of the biggest factors in bogging down a parts inventory. Often considered a problem created by service... Read More

Financial Statement

With MyDealerKPI Financial Statement Dashboard, no longer will you have to fetch, ask for schedules/reports, or even wait until you close out your month... Read More

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